Author: Janetta Harvey


We’re a year old….

We’re a year old 🙂 A yr ago we had our book launch party @CobhamBookshop. Thanks to all who have read & shared it 🙂 — Janetta Harvey (@SusieBSchnauzer) February 1, 2015


Don’t Buy the Lies

With just a week, before Christmas settles upon us and presents await opening in homes across the UK, I’ve been reflecting on the mixed emotions this time of year brings for those of us...


Dogs Are Not Presents

In recent weeks, campaigners against puppy farming and commercially driven dog breeding have been upping their efforts to convince the buying public not to buy pets at this time of year. Those, like me,...


Discover Dogs – London

This weekend I’m headed to London to Discover Dogs – it’s an event where the public can meet plenty of different breeds of dogs, learn all about them and their needs and of course...


Dog By Dog Documentary

A few months ago I stumbled across a trailer for a documentary being made in the US. Immediately I was grabbed by the potential impact the film, “Dog By Dog”, will have on the...


Schnauzerfest Success

What a weekend we have just had the great pleasure of seeing come together and be a part of, from an idea I had back in May this year: a weekend of fundraising walks...


Twinkle update

Goodness, it’s been too long since I wrote a post here, for that I apologise, the only reason being I’m immersed now in writing my next book and have been juggling time and commitments....