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Saving Maya (2016)



Maya’s life in the barn is dark and lonely, not at all how a dog’s life should be. Until one day rescue arrives and she’s lifted out of the darkness into a bright new world. But life remains scary for Maya. Will she ever know what it’s like to be a dog who is loved and safe?


Books for adults

Saving One More (2015)

Saving One MoreThe three dogs dozed in the cool shade of the river bank under the brilliant blue skies of an August afternoon in south-west France. Life with our dogs rescued from the puppy farming industry.

Dog’s Today magazine said it was “one of our favourite dog books of 2015”.



Saving Susie-Belle (2014)
Saving Susie BelleThis is the moving tale of what life was like for one small dog and why no dog should be allowed to suffer at the hands of humans who value commercial profits more than life itself. This is the story of Susie-Belle and her road to recovery.

The Daily Mail described it as “deeply moving”.


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