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“Still I Rise”

In early drafts of the book’s manuscript there were several extracts of poems and passages from various pieces of writing that I particularly like that illustrated aspects of Susie-Belle’s story. As the writing process...


The nose knows

In a fascinating recently published study, researchers have found that for our dogs, the smell of us triggers the part of the brain strongly associated with pleasurable expectations. Although the paper is predictably complicated...


Spring may well have sprung

Today is the warmest and sunniest of the year by far. It’s beautiful here and after the grim wet winter we’ve been through, it’s great to have had a few dry days and even...


Twinkle’s first year

  Today marks the first year anniversary of Twinkle-Berry coming to live with us, so she has been out of the puppy farm for 13 months as she spent a month with Janet being...


Flip Flops in February

It’s Valentine’s Day and although we tend to ignore it, not being very keen on a lot of overt display of commercialism, it has presented me with a timely justification of a special pair of...


Kindle Edition of book now available

A Thursday morning surprise, the book is out now as a Kindle download. Follow the link here …and let us know what you think, all reviews very welcome, especially if posted on Amazon 🙂