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Twinklet a year on

Today I’m handing over my writing reins to one very special dog, who was featured by Dogs Today a year ago after being found dumped with horrific injuries and left to die. Here’s a...


Twinklet Faces A New Challenge

Last summer the story of one dumped breeding schnauzer caught the interest of many thousands of people around the world. Twinklet was found with horrific injuries and taken into the care of Diana Brimblecombe...


Twinklet the Starlet

Twinklet, the dumped breeding dog left in a field to die with horrible injuries following obvious years of abuse is definitely showing her true starlet qualities as she recovers from her ordeal. She’s a...


Twinklet’s Smile

Twinklet’s Smile is the name of a new Fundraising Campaign that’s been set up by Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre.  It will raise the money needed to give the dumped breeding dog with a...