Children Love Maya

On this page you’ll find some fun activities that are based upon ‘Saving Maya’. Scroll down through the page to find colouring sheets and wordsearches that you can download and print.

You’ll also find other activities that will help you to understand why puppy farming is wrong. And what you can do to stop it.

Check back regularly as we are always adding new things here. And get in touch anytime with your own suggestions for what you’d like to see.  Or, what you are doing in your area to help others know about dogs like Maya who suffer in puppy farms. We’d love to hear from you.

WillowPeopleWillow’s Life

Willow’s life is a happy one. She has many of the things that dogs enjoy. Patsy and Tom take good care of her and supply all her needs.

Activity 1: Write a list of all the things that you think make her life happy.

Activity 2: Do you like doing Wordsearch puzzles? If you do, you can download this one and see how it matches your list of things that make Willow happy.

Download: WordSearchWillow

You may have many more things on your list than is hidden in the wordsearch. That’s very good if you have.

Activity 3: Download: ColouringSheetSchnauzer


MayaFaceMaya’s Life

In contrast to Willow’s happy life, the one that Maya had to put up with in the puppy farm shed was horrible.

Activity 1: Draw a picture showing what Maya’s life was like while she was in the puppy farm.

Activity 2: Write a short letter to the Man telling him why the way he kept Maya and the other dogs was wrong.

Activity 3: Make a persuasive display poster which shows why puppy farming is wrong. Use images and words in an eye-catching way.

Activity 4: If you like doing Wordsearch puzzles, you can download this one which has some key words that describe why Maya’s life was hard and horrible in the puppy farm:

Download: WordSearchMaya

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