Make a difference

Make a difference – What can you do?

The suffering of dogs and puppies in battery farms and commercial breeding places is abhorrent and shocking. What’s more shocking is that it continues year after year and the authorities that could do something to stop it, don’t.

I’m a strong believer in educating people through the written word. Consider donating copies of my books to your local libraries and schools. I donate all royalties from book sales to Schnauzerfest which pays for veterinary care for dogs saved from puppy farming. In addition, if you buy directly from me, I donate all sales. I make no money from my books and writing. This is important to say because detractors like to insinuate I profit from the suffering of my dogs.

We can each lobby our own MPs to take this subject seriously. Write to your MP to find out their views and make yours known. Make them aware that this is a topic that concerns you. Find your MP here.

Actively support your local rescue, especially the small ones. Your support will make a difference.

Tell everyone you can what you know, and continue to do so. People keep this trade thriving, because they are not listening, or don’t know what lies behind the cute puppies they see online. Tell them the story of Susie-Belle and others like her.

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