Make a difference

Make a difference – What can you do?

The suffering of dogs and puppies in battery farms and many commercial breeding places is abhorrent and shocking. What is more shocking is that is continuing and the authorities that could do something to stop it, are doing little and certainly not enough to engage in the issues.

I am a strong believer in educating people through books. Books hang around for years to come with their messages inside their pages. Consider donating copies of my books to your local libraries and schools. I donate all royalties from book sales to Schnauzerfest which pays for veterinary care for dogs saved from puppy farming. In addition, if you buy directly from me, I donate all sales. I make no money from my books and writing, I donate everything. Please contact me if you’d like to purchase directly, but all my books are also available from online stores.

There are several campaigning groups around the world that tirelessly battle to get these places closed down and educate the public about how to find and buy healthy puppies or encourage pet adoption from rescue shelters. Find out about them, follow their work and tell everyone you can about what you know. The more we tell people about commercial puppy breeding and what it involves, the greater chance there is that eventually, as more people learn the truth, the business will be less viable for the ones profiteering from the suffering.

We can each lobby our own MPs to take this subject seriously. Write to your MP to find out their views and make yours known. Make them aware that this is a topic that concerns you. Find your MP here.

Susie-Belle was fostered by the manager of the Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre and had her life-changing cataract surgery arranged and funded by them. I actively support them. You can do the same with any animal rescues, the smaller ones are struggling in a tough climate and unprecedented levels of need amongst the animals they care for. Consider supporting one, it will make a massive difference to the small ones.

Tell everyone you can about what you know, and continue to do so. People are keeping this trade thriving, because they are not listening, or don’t know what lies behind the cute puppies they see in shops, or online. Tell them the story of Susie-Belle and others like her.

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