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Shortest, darkest day

Another Winter Solstice arrives and I wonder how a whole year has passed since I wrote this. It was written after enjoying a beautiful frozen walk with Albert, but when my heart was heavy...

Here we are again

When I let my mind return to the final moments with Susie-Belle, I am as disturbed by it now, seven years on, as I was then. It feels like seven seconds ago.

Time is strange

Exactly three years on from Angel joining our home and eleven months since Renae dying and my sense of time is weird.

Wandering and wondering

Whilst we soaked up the atmosphere, enjoyed the architecture, views and history, many centuries worth of aromas that infused the cobbles provided Susie-Belle and Renae with their amusement Saving Susie-belle, 2014 I wrote those...

Fifty shades of beige

The first thing I wanted to do when I got back from my trip and long drive south was to walk the dogs. Not only to be with them, but to get out into the countryside I’ve come to love and call home.