Celebrating our first 6 months

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2 Responses

  1. Magic says:

    Amazing record of Susie-Belle’s journey. It brought tears to my eyes reading it and those wonderful photos 🙂 It always inspires me to see how forgiving and resilient abused dogs can be in putting behind them terrible trauma and embracing the good things of life when they are given the chance. You’ve done a brilliant job – as have all those other foster carers – Leigh (Magic’s Mum)xx

  2. Swimflyaway says:

    Hi, this is B from Swimtaxi234.

    I loved hearing about all your adventures! Of course, I turned a nasty shade of jealous green… 🙂

    Susie-Belle, looked so happy in all the pictures. It was wonderful to read about the positive changes happening in her life. To echo Magic’s Mum, you have done a great job as foster parents.


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