Mucky Monday

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8 Responses

  1. Wow! You pups feast like kings! Lucky, lucky.

    Yuki and Rocket

  2. We make sure they have happy, happy tummies!

  3. Hi Susie-Belle,

    My Mommy & I just found you from visiting our friends Yuki and Rocket. Your sweet face was showing as their latest friend joiner on their blog.
    Your life story is just overwhelming, and I am thrilled that you have such a great life now. You are very blessed. No pup should ever go through what you have.
    I would love for us to be friends. I am going to join your site as a friend right now. Come visit me sometime. I would love that.

  4. Rubie says:

    Hi Susie-Belle,

    I think that both you feet and bath options don’t sound too nice and I would give my mum a hard time about BOTH! It’s hot here again – we had a little “cool” spell from the big heat for a week or two – but the big heat is back. Today is going to be 34 degrees C.

    I must say that Pheasant dish sounds wonderful – so if you have any left, send it over!!

    Yail Wuggles, Rubie

  5. Oh no 34 degrees we couldn’t enjoy! A bit of snow suits us better, unless there’s a cold river nearby to cool off in?

  6. Pixel Blue Eyes, lovely to join your site, you’re completely beautiful and we look forward to seeing more of you 🙂

  7. Magic says:

    Don’t think I would like the paw thingy – I hate peeps messing with my feet! I’ve been trying to keep out of the mud so I don’t need a bath. Pheasant sounds good – we have one of those visiting our garden but I don’t think Leigh would be too happy if I ate him 🙂
    Happy Valentine’s Day ! love from Magic xx

  8. Felix love love loves pheasant! We can only get parts ’round here, but we manage to piece together almost enough to make a whole bird :0)

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