Susie-Belle’s going camping

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4 Responses

  1. Magic says:

    Oh the food is definitely the most important thing – we can put up with most things if we have a good dinner first. Not sure about swimming – as I hate water in all its forms (except drinking)but a day furtling in the hills and then snuggled up with my humans after a good munch sounds OK with me – woofs and licks – Magic xx

  2. Rubie says:

    My mum thinks you are being very brave with ajust a tent canvas between you and the great outdoors! She is saying you should either get a caravan or hire a cabin!! She is not good at roughing it! Go to my blog and type in the search “hollingday” and check out the mud-brick cottage we hired on our last foray into the “woods”. It was fab and a true “home way from home.”

    Anywho – all the best with the weather and we are glad no food standards are being compromised!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie

  3. ooh,camping is not fun for me. i was forced when i was younger to go camping very often, only thing i enjoyed was probably fishing. least enjoyable was seeing a big huge bear that was looking for food, very scary.

  4. Ok, I’m not going to tell Susie-Belle or Renae about everyone’s thoughts on camping, I’ll be leaving them thinking it’s going to be a blast! And I definitely hope we don’t meet any bears, i’d be seriously worried in England if I met a bear!!!! I read somewhere yesterday that for dogs, camping is like one long walk with us as we’re with them the whole time and outdoors, and even when we sleep. I’m hoping it’ll be heaven for the pooches, if not us!!!

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