Why Love Is Not Enough

These are difficult times for dogs. To satisfy the massive demand for puppies, vast numbers of adult dogs are confined as breeding animals. This book is for them. They have to learn everything about being a dog. Drawing from years of accumulated experience and insights from many people, the book is a distillation of tips and information to help this process along. It offers concrete understanding for what can be done to bring happiness to all involved.

For ease the book uses the term ‘puppy farm dog’ to include all those kept by breeders who confine dogs where commercial gain is the priority. Where little care, human attention, company or respect is given.

This book is a collection of distilled wisdom and experiences gained from Janetta’s work with ex-breeding dogs. It is an essential read for anyone contemplating adoption through this route, and has helped us immensely as we navigate our own journey. It has certainly helped to prevent us unwittingly installing more trauma through naive, well-meaning incompetence, and will continue to do so as we continue to learn.

Joanna Taylor

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