About Janetta

I am an author and campaigner against puppy farming. I now live with my husband, Michel in south-west France, having travelled regularly between the UK and France for 2 decades. Wherever we are, our dogs are too: Renae, Twinkle and Cerise, three miniature schnauzers, three very different characters.

Cerise and Twinkle are both survivors of the brutal puppy breeding industry. Our first ex-breeding dog, Susie-Belle was, and remains the inspiration for my books and writing; she died in November 2015 after being with us for four years.

I am the founder of a charitable entity, Schnauzerfest, which fundraises to pay for the veterinary treatment neeeded by dogs saved from puppy farms and other terrible backgrounds.

I share the life our dogs and us enjoy together in my writing and books with the aim of inspiring others to rescue dogs like them, and to join the campaign to end the puppy farming industry. I have published two books for adults, and two for younger readers on the topic of rescue dogs and puppy farming. I donate all royalties from my books to Schnauzerfest.

In addition to my books and blog, I also regularly contribute to other publications to continue spreading the word about puppy farming. Below you will find links to some of the publications I have contributed to and the articles.


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