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Tsuki and what he’s brought

Tsuki’s a family member’s Italian greyhound and he’s been with us for a month. He’s very different to what I’m used to and that’s a good thing.

Visiting a tourist trap

Normally we avoid going anywhere with crowds of people. But January in France is a great time to explore normally busy places. Like Rocamadour.

Winter walks

I spent December making adjustments, mental and practical. I’m starting the year afresh, with a crisp sense of how I’m going to use my time. Walks are essential.

Starting as we mean to go on

I am not one for end of year round ups or new year resolutions. At least not public pronouncements. I might run through a few things in my head that I’d like to do....

As the year closes

I wrote this two years ago. It was minus six degrees this morning as Albert Claude and I went up the lane and round the pond in time to see the Winter Solstice sun...