Saving One More

saving_one_more1I didn’t know if I’d write another book on puppy farming following Saving Susie-Belle but following its success and thanks to the kind support and encouragement given by so many readers, I’m happy that I was persuaded to do so. Many people contact me wishing to know more about Susie-Belle’s life and recovery from her past abuse and with Saving One More I’m delighted to continue her story, and introduce Twinkle to the world. Twinkle, like Susie-Belle lived a dreadful existence before she was taken to safety and came into our lives. The ghosts of her past haunt her in ways we’ve never seen with Susie-Belle. The damage done to her in the cruel environment of commercial puppy breeding is more psychological than physical and almost more disturbing for that. Now, after more than 2 years of living in freedom with us, she’s only just starting to respond positively to the strangeness of being loved by humans and allow herself moments of happiness that she most certainly senses.

Untouchable for well over a year of living safely with us, these days she does allow the gentlest, softest of touches and approaches and at rare times even seeks our contact. How wrong it is that a dog has to learn this is what humans are for, and not to be feared. In Saving One More readers can follow her stages of recovery, read of her life she spends in France and England and witness the joy of her slow but certain healing, as well as the dramas – and there are always plenty with Twinkle – along the way.

Her journey with us has opened my eyes wider to how unjust the world for breeding dogs is, not only in the UK but around the world. In my quest to understand what drives this nasty business, I’ve searched the globe for information and have had the great fortune to meet some wonderful people who know the issues well. As well as Twinkle’s life with her sisters Susie-Belle and Renae, in Saving One More, I share stories of other dogs whose lives illustrate the many unpleasant facets of the puppy breeding world today. There are words from rescuers and campaigners, which I hope inspire readers to take up the campaign banners and do whatever is required to end the trade in puppies that keeps dogs like Susie-Belle and Twinkle imprisoned for profit.

But the book is not a miserable, or harrowing one, although I don’t shy away from the reality. Our world together is happy and we make sure that these days, Twinkle & Susie-Belle have lives worth living. In the Foreword, campaigning vet, Marc Abraham writes “…there is hope and humour in this book: Janetta and her husband Michel show that while the many years their dogs suffered have taken their toll, the amazing capacity that dogs show to forgive and move on with their new lives, given a chance, is intact….. Read on, and tell others, and one day soon there will be no more dogs like Susie-Belle or Twinkle to save.”

We impatiently await that day.

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Saving One More

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