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Here we are again

When I let my mind return to the final moments with Susie-Belle, I am as disturbed by it now, seven years on, as I was then. It feels like seven seconds ago.

Time is strange

Exactly three years on from Angel joining our home and eleven months since Renae dying and my sense of time is weird.

Shifting thoughts and word counts

Here I am, writing my way out of a grey place I’ve been caught in since December. Since Renae’s short illness and sudden, terminal departure from my life. It’s two months now that I...

A Corner’s Been Turned

Albert Claude is way off in the distance, a dark grey blur against the frosted brightness of the winter field. I’m useless at judging distance but at a guess, he’s probably a hundred or...

Renae ‘one in a million’

After a sudden, short and devastating illness, Renae died on Christmas Eve. Sadness consumes Michel and I as we struggle to accept our incomprehnesible loss. But accept we must and for the sake of...


It Rained on Twinkle’s Last Morning

After days of heatwave the morning Twinkle died it was raining. The irony wasn’t wasted on me. When she arrived in our life in February 2013 she had a phobic response to rain. Her...


Honouring Rufus and Fabio

Last weekend saw the UK’s picturesque Peak District host the 8th Annual Schnauzer Walk. It’s always a great event, kept simple and focussed. A fun gathering of schnauzers, their friends and families with a...