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Fifty shades of beige

The first thing I wanted to do when I got back from my trip and long drive south was to walk the dogs. Not only to be with them, but to get out into the countryside I’ve come to love and call home.

Summer ramblings

Unexpected visitors combined with those planned with friends and family have scuppered my summer schedule. I’ve almost given up trying to stay on top of anything let alone everything.

Playing by the Rules

The other day I managed to catch on camera Albert Claude and Cerise in a delirious moment of play. At least Cerise seemed delirious for a split second, Albert was just being Albert. It’s...

Rescue Reality

Her big amber eyes stare straight into those of the person who, perhaps, holds her future in their hands. She’s just a year old and stands on wobbly legs, one with a nasty, infected...