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What’s worried Albert Claude?

Over the past 2 years Albert has become a worrier. I’ve struggled to know how to help and a few months ago sought professional help. I wish I’d done it sooner.

Tsuki and what he’s brought

Tsuki’s a family member’s Italian greyhound and he’s been with us for a month. He’s very different to what I’m used to and that’s a good thing.

Winter walks

I spent December making adjustments, mental and practical. I’m starting the year afresh, with a crisp sense of how I’m going to use my time. Walks are essential.

As the year closes

I wrote this two years ago. It was minus six degrees this morning as Albert Claude and I went up the lane and round the pond in time to see the Winter Solstice sun...

Things that make me cringe

There are loads of things that make me cringe but this blog is about dogs and my relationship with them so worry not, you won’t read all my cringe-triggers. You’ll just read one today....