Saving Susie-Belle

Saving Susie Bell PB Cover_Saving Susie Bell PB CoverMy first book on puppy farming, Saving Susie-Belle, is a personal account of life with our rescue dog, Susie-Belle during her first year of living in freedom, after being saved from years spent in a puppy farm. Her life before us had been one trapped in a life of breeding misery as someone’s commodity, tied up in the back of a putrid shed, never seeing the outside world, receiving little or no care and experiencing neglect to a horrifying degree.

For dogs like her, the end is usually a grim death, whether it’s because they fail to be a good breeder or because they have simply become too old and weak to produce and raise the puppies that are demanded of them.

A far happier ending awaited Susie-Belle as she was rescued, lifted out of the dark and grubby hidden nightmare that is puppy farming and brought to safety. Read how her life transformed into a happy one living in the UK and France, eating great food, enjoying new adventures, including joining me in swimming the lakes and rivers of south-west France.

I wrote about our life, one story of just one of millions of dogs trapped in misery so that some day soon, things will change. No dog should ever be allowed to suffer at the hands of humans who value commercial profits more than life itself.

This is the story of Susie-Belle and her road to recovery.

Saving Susie-Belle: Rescued from the Horrors of a Puppy Farm, One Dog's Uplifting True Story


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What people are saying…..

It’s been featured in the Daily Mail.

Jane Klonsky, Project Unconditional
“I love your book……it’s a wonderful heartfelt story.”

Pet Focus Magazine
“It’s a wonderful book, heart-warming & inspiring, yet also gives an important insight into a cruel industry. A must read!”

Jane Hogan, Dog and Pup
“You cannot engage with Janetta for more than a short time without being knocked out by her passion for her cause. It is incredible that someone who has dealt with so much, and who knows too much, can be so positive. If you haven’t read a doggy book before make this one your first”.

Iain Dale, LBC Radio
“There are some incredibly touching moments, and this is a book you shouldn’t read without a tissue by your side. I read it over several train journeys and I often wondered what my fellow passengers made of the fact that they were sitting opposite a 51 year old man with tears running down his face. I may be a silly old Hector, but this book is THAT good.

It is also a book which makes dog owners examine their own motives for owning dogs and how they treat them. Several times I got some really good ideas for how to improve the lives of our two dogs….
……Anyway, if you own a dog, or ever have done, you will absolutely love this book. It’s a gripping read and when it finishes you wish it hadn’t. I can’t give a higher recommendation that that.”

Life With Pets Magazine
“This thought provoking, refreshingly honest book had me gripped from the first page. Any dog lover can relate to the love and devotion that is shown through the book….not only does this witty book make you weep with joy, but also highlights the heartbreaking reality of puppy farming. A must read!”

Daily Mail
“…deeply moving”

Essential Surrey – Pet of the Moment: Susie-Belle
“There may never have been a more deserving Pet of the Moment than Susie-Belle, who was a puppy farm breeding dog until she was rescued 3 years ago”.

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