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Rupert and friendships

I credit Renae’s well adjusted approach to life to the early, happy years spent with canine friends like Rupert and Watson.

As the year closes

I wrote this two years ago. It was minus six degrees this morning as Albert Claude and I went up the lane and round the pond in time to see the Winter Solstice sun...

When A Walk Is Much More

This month we’ve been supporting the Schnauzerfest awareness campaign: Spring Forward For Schnauzerfest. It’s a celebration of getting out on daily walks, giving dogs the freedoms and joys that come from this. Sharing the...

Here we are again

When I let my mind return to the final moments with Susie-Belle, I am as disturbed by it now, seven years on, as I was then. It feels like seven seconds ago.

Rewriting The Story

After Susie-Belle died in 2015 I received a beautiful portrait of her as a gift. I found it deeply moving. Not only the generosity of someone I had never met, but the thoughtfulness the...