Getting ready for France

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5 Responses

  1. Swimflyaway says:

    Congrats on the big trip!!!!! I am oozing jealousy from every pore!

    I hope you have a fabulous time and that everyone (human or beast) travels well.

    Have Fun!


  2. It’s so easy (and affordable) for you lucky people in the UK to “pop over” to Europe…… one of the very bad things about living in Australia is that we are very far from everywhere….. and travel is very expensive and horrendous for those of us who don’t fly well. I’m able to pay the money, but the horrid thing for me is the flights.

    Rubie is not that great at car travel – she used to throw up a fair bit when she was very young, now she curls up and tries not to look out the windows and is probably just praying to get to the destination quickly.

    It sounds like the fur-kids will not be a problem…..but do tell us all the details of your trip!!

    Rubie’s mum xxx

  3. haopee says:

    LOL. The kitty crate reminds me of a transparent bullet train.

    Thanks for visiting my site.

    Good for Susie Belle having to find great people to love her and care for her. And she’s even allowed to go with you guys on a trip!

    Huggies and Cheese,


  4. Hahahahaha, I knew it reminded me of something, bullet train it is!
    Fortunately the girls both travel brilliantly, no sickness but yet to try out Rosie Cat so hopefully she won’t let the side down.
    Australia always sounds so nice, but yes, it is rather far away!!!!
    Thanks for the good wishes guys, I’ll be reporting back as soon as I can once we arrive and I get the iPad working. France may be close, but rural France is terrible for technology and I can feel a bit stranded at times 😉

  5. Jean says:

    Us too, getting ready for France, that is, but only for one week – I am jealous of your three weeks !!

    Have a safe trip. We have no internet in France so having just found your blog I will have to do my catching up before we go. Have fun with your girls !!

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