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Can books share a message further?

Arguably the greatest challenge for all of us campaigning to see an end to puppy farming and irresponsible dog breeding is to reach the puppy buyers well before they buy, before they become a...


Book Sales Now Available Here

For the first time, it’s now possible to order my books directly from this site. I’m hugely pleased to be able to offer this, as it means I can make donations to the charities,...


The cherry on the cake

It’s been a good week in France, which is where we are now for the summer. The dogs love their days here as a) they have our company for most of each day, being...


Sequel to Saving Susie-Belle

I am in the last stages of completing the manuscript ready to send off to the publisher for the sequel to Susie-Belle’s story. Saving One More continues her tale and introduces her sister, Twinkle,...


We’re a year old….

We’re a year old 🙂 A yr ago we had our book launch party @CobhamBookshop. Thanks to all who have read & shared it 🙂 — Janetta Harvey (@SusieBSchnauzer) February 1, 2015


Twinkle update

Goodness, it’s been too long since I wrote a post here, for that I apologise, the only reason being I’m immersed now in writing my next book and have been juggling time and commitments....