Fire destroys dogs home

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3 Responses

  1. Jean says:

    I heard this news while travelling to France, with our beloved poodle safely stowed in the back of the car.
    I can hardly describe how ashamed I felt of being a member of the so-called human race, the species that has the power to inflict such pain and terror on another species – of beautiful, intelligent animals.
    On the radio I heard people comparing the event to a house fire where humans die and saying that it’s wrong that this has attracted a greater amount of help and concern.
    There is no comparison! These dogs had no control over their own destiny, were in the centre because the human race had already failed them, were waiting and desperate to find a home where they would be properly cared for and respected, were trapped inside cages from which there was no escape, then along comes some toe-rag who calls himself a human being and burns them alive.
    If I had heard the news in time I would have been there myself to help them. I can only imagine how difficult it would be to get so many terrified dogs out of their cages to safety.
    The person/child that did this deserves no mercy. If it was up to me I would put him in a cage and set fire to it. It was a sad day for dogs and for the human race, to know that some of us are capable of such evil.
    The money raised at least shows that some of us care, but that can’t bring back these poor dogs or make amends for the awful pain and terror they had to endure at the hands of a piece of evil who calls himself human.

  2. Yes it was really horrible news 🙁

  3. While I’m horrified at the event and horrified that anyone could do that, I am encouraged that so many turned out to help. And some of those who commented on the article are correct: those who show compassion and a desire to help animals are more likely to be the same people who volunteer donate to charities that help humans. Thanks for reporting on this.

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