Reasons to think about how to find your new best friend

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  1. thelittlebluedog says:

    I can so relate to this post – I too have purchased a dog from a breeder, and have since adopted 4 dogs, become an active volunteer for 5 rescue groups, and I volunteer my time in the classroom to teach humane education to elementary school children. I have had endless debates with dog breeders, and I truly believe that if they took the time to walk through a high kill county shelter to see what is happening to our dogs NO ONE would breed until the problems are resolved. Pet stores need to be transitioned to support rescue, NOT sell puppies from breeding mills. And the few and far between responsible breeders MUST become active in rescuing their breed. If it wasn’t for the money, I think a lot of breeders would be doing something else for their time. To make a profit off breeding puppies while so many adoptable dogs are being KILLED in our shelters is unethical. If we are going to be responsible for creating dog breeds and producing litter after litter, then we must first deal with the pet over population issue. Don’t for one second think you are not part of the problem if the sale of your puppies are taking up good homes for adoptable dogs waiting to be saved. This is a sensitive topic, breeders lash out and all want to be considered responsible…but to me, until we are not killing adoptable dogs, there is no “responsible.” If Susie-Belle’s adorable face and her posts help educate people about the importance of adoption, then she is helping!! Thanks for your post and your work. – Karen

    • Thanks Karen, we’re in this around the world together. Have you seen the Dog By Dog film coming out in the US this year. It’s release dates have just been announced, check their facebook page, its going to be a powerful film that I believe will make a big dent in the industry. We’re working to get it shown over here in the UK. Thanks for making contact, support you on Facebook, love your approach to this with the kids 🙂

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