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Twinklet Faces A New Challenge

Last summer the story of one dumped breeding schnauzer caught the interest of many thousands of people around the world. Twinklet was found with horrific injuries and taken into the care of Diana Brimblecombe...


Book Review – Unconditional

“You’re never too old, too sick, too poor, too anything to find joy. I find it every day with my Chloe.” The words of wheelchair-bound Waymon Simmons of his 9 year old Pekingese with...


That Wasn’t The Weekend I’d Planned!

Friday 13th lived up to its reputation. It showed its grim misfortune as a day not-to-be-forgotten for my close friend Kathleen. Her dog Schnapps, ‘normal’ sister to three damaged, ex-breeding schnauzer sisters was let...