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Flip Flops in February

It’s Valentine’s Day and although we tend to ignore it, not being very keen on a lot of overt display of commercialism, it has presented me with a timely justification of a special pair of...


Kindle Edition of book now available

A Thursday morning surprise, the book is out now as a Kindle download. Follow the link here …and let us know what you think, all reviews very welcome, especially if posted on Amazon 🙂


It’s Book Launch Party Time

Today’s the day the book is officially being launched with a party and signing at our local independent bookshop, The Cobham Bookshop who kindly agreed to host it. We are delighted they agreed, not...


Hearts full of love

I’ve been reading a rather brilliant book by the renowned Marc Bekoff who writes intelligent, thoughtful and thought-provoking pieces looking at our relationships with others in the animal kingdom. The book I’ve recently been enjoying...


It’s now out and available

The book has been released a bit earlier than expected and copies have been arriving over the past day or so to those who pre-ordered. It’s been such a whirlwind of excitement and very...


Great Thinkers on Dogs | The Bark

Here’s a very nice piece of writing and thinking. It’s been very important to me to try to deepen my understanding of how Susie-Belle and my other two wonderful dogs approach the world, so...