Can you spot Susie-Belle

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3 Responses

  1. We see her! How cute that they are always close by each other. Susie-Belle is the most protective sister!
    Schnauzers are loyal, that’s for sure! Well, except for Prescott- he’ll follow any one home… *sigh*
    Your bearded pals, Joules & Prescott

  2. I can see her too!! I watched the video for the care provider….. what a great place!!

    Rubie’s mum xxx

  3. It is a really good place, Renae has been going since she was 12 weeks old, I work at home for myself so don’t really need to do it in terms of them being left alone, but it’s such fun and great socialisation I’ve kept it up twice a week for them both. The staff are lovely and I always get little reports on what they’re up to, I keep meaning to get up there and take some photos but I usually have quite a busy working day when they’re there, I make the most of it!

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