Upstairs downstairs in France

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  1. Jean says:

    Maybe it’s the same for dogs as it is for humans – when you finally beat that mental block and discover that you can do the thing you were so afraid of – then you wonder why you ever had any trouble with it.

    When Lulu was a puppy she could get up but not down and running upstairs, wagging a tail furiously to be carried down, only to run straight back up again, became a wonderful game. I got fitter for a while myself, too.

  2. Flynnah says:

    love your blog!
    stop by for a visit 🙂

  3. sounds just like yuki and rocket! the house we were living in last year was a one story so they had no reason to climb stairs. when we moved into our new house with stairs, they were scared of them at first but now they love to play on them.

  4. Tooki says:

    lol…i think it’s a problem with schnauzers! My dog Coco has the exact problem, including clattering clumsily down the steps. They seem to have more trouble going up. My other dog (mongrel) will race up and down like nobody’s business….
    Btw, love yr pictures and blog, esp like the one where Susie-Belle was sightseeing…^_^

  5. Your blog posts are always such loving beautiful examples of what all pet parents should be! I think you are just beautiful, splendid people and I am so grateful that you love Susie-Bell so.
    It is a wonderful thing to finally do (or be able to do) something that at one time seemed scary, daunting and impossible. While I do believe it is important sometimes to find ways to help each other overcome fears, I also believe that if it is easier to ‘make it easier’ for another, then I say do all you can to make it easier. Especially with all little Susie-Bell suffered in her past. I am the same way with our pets.
    Pixel and I just adore your blog and your loving life. HUGS and Puppy Kisses to you and sweet Susie-Bell!
    Love, Pixel and her Mommy (Jenny)

  6. Thanks chaps, your comments are lovely and very welcome.
    We’ve given up trying to get little Susie-Belle to be brave and go down the stairs here, it’ll just be a holiday treat for her when she does it in our house in France. These are very steep here and we don’t want an accident and we love to have a carry down anyway 🙂

  7. Swimflyaway says:

    Yay! It is so encouraging to hear when someone overcomes Blocks in their lives. YAY for Susie-Belle!

    I do hope she continues to improve on the stairs, and I don’t blame her for avoiding them. Stairs can be scary!


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