Grazia, far from graceful

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  1. Hezza1506 says:

    I too followed this story with horror; I couldn’t believe the cavalier attitude to her pets (‘assets’, really?) of the original poster but was even more astonished and disappointed by the lack of any retraction on Grazia’s part. Their article has single-handedly undone years of work on the part of organisations like the GCCF and the Kennel Club, attempting to educate the public on the need to go to a responsible breeder if you’re not adopting a rescue.

    We breed cats and if you do it properly it sure as heck isn’t a good way to earn money – it’s a very expensive, but hugely rewarding, hobby. When I recently worked out our income/expenditure across the time we’ve been breeding (we got our first girl in 2009), we have ‘earnt’ £25,000 from show winnings and kittens sold but spent £60,000. Unless I’m very much mistaken, a £35,000 loss over five or six years is not a good way to cover the difference between Habitat and IKEA furniture! I shudder to think what corners the original writer must be cutting in order to make £2,500 per year from her breeding.

    Even last year, when we had four litters amounting to twenty kittens, with no health issues or other difficulties, we still only ‘broke even’. By the time you’ve paid for premium food to give the best nutrition to calling, then pregnant and eventually lactating queens, entire stud cats and growing kittens, neutering for all non-breeding kittens, microchipping, vaccinations, registrations and little extras like a blanket that smells of home to give a kitten comfort with their new owners, there is nothing left for buying furniture or anything else. If you want Habitat furniture you just have to get a job that allows you to pay for it (whilst also giving you enough time and flexibility to dive home to check on queens/kittens, etc.)

    Thank you for your sensible and balance post; it’s good to see someone trying to redress the hugely negative potential impact the Grazia article could have.

    • Thank you for your comment, insightful and interesting. I am still hoping Grazia will put right, in some way, the damage they’ve done with that article. Their response so far is shoddy and highly unprofessional. Ignoring legitimate, well informed concerns is staggering. Thanks again.

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