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River loving schnauzers?

It’s a beautiful summer day here in England, warm sunshine with a light breeze. Perfect for river swimming however this is my last working day before we head to France, so the river will...


At last the sun’s shining

I don’t know where this week has gone, can’t believe it’s Sunday again. And Sunday has brought out the sun, at last it’s properly warm and sunny. We’re gearing up here to get away...


Sorting out Susie-Belle

We had to have a little tidy up today as tomorrow we have a very exciting day. Susie-Belle is going to meet up with Janet, her wonderful foster mum. We’re going up to Oxford...


Blue sky walking

It does make such a difference to how our day starts when we can walk under blue skies, a rarity these past few weeks. The girls were happy to make it round the park...


What a lot of heart Susie-Belle you have

………a huge bowl of lambs hearts ready for the freezer, ready for Susie-Belle’s suppers. ….but she does have a lovely warm, generous heart of her own too, I wasn’t fibbing, just kidding 😉 –...


He’s only asking directions

After 10 months with us, most of the time these days, Susie-Belle seems to be happy and confident and her interaction with us is healthily relaxed. When we’re out and about in our regular...


Found it

I’ve found the linky to the article on fruit I mentioned earlier, it’s here scroll down to the article  “Bone of Contention:  Are Dogs Natural Fruit Eaters? “


SusieB loves cherries

Today I found my first reasonably priced cherries of the season. Normally I’d have eaten tonnes of them by now but they’ve been scarce and very expensive so I’ve not indulged and I’ve not...


A walk along Lush Lane

We took the girls yesterday afternoon along our regular walk through the park and along the back lane to the old, overgrown cricket field. With all the rain we’ve had this spring and summer it...